DATE : 21-23 DECEMBER 2009


The 7th World Conferences on Muslim Education (World-COME 2009) aim to bring together on an international level all involved in the dissemination of knowledge to address the current educational situation in the Muslim world. The first in the series identified the main problems in Muslim education and suggested remedies. It proved to be a watershed in the history of Muslim education and was eagerly followed by a succession of five other world conferences held in different parts of the world. This seventh World Conference aims to be as dynamic and as influential as its predecessors. It will take into account the impact of globalization on Muslim education, looking in particular at issues such as Islamophobia, secularism, the marginalization of spiritual values as well as human capital development and the advancement of ICT. It will continue to develop themes discussed in earlier conferences, such as the Islamization of knowledge, curriculum designing and teacher training, but will contextualize them in the current globalized atmosphere. This conference is expected to usher in a new era of Muslim education which will counteract the negative effects of globalization and at the same time incorporate its more favourable aspects.


Due to the importance of quality in every aspect of our life, the WORLD-COME 2009 endeavors to:
1.Bring together a large number of scholars and researchers from around the world and give them the opportunity to interact and network with each other.
2. Discuss and analyze the impact of globalization and its challenges to the development of Muslim education in the world.
3. Suggest solutions to some of the issues in Muslim education.
4. Support the initiatives of the state of Selangor, Malaysia in its aim to Islamize education.

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ali imran : 142

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